The Mint 400 brings additional crowds, excitement in 2015

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Downtown Las Vegas -  The Las Vegas off-road racing event and the most prestigious off-road race in America took a big step in its 2015 showing as record crowds were reported on Fremont St for the Mint 400 this year.

As tradition dictates , Mint 400 race cars go through their final inspection, also known as Tech, on the world renowned Fremont St in Downtown Las Vegas giving fans an opportunity to see the trophy trucks up close and mingle with the race car drivers.

The Mint 400 is known as the roughest desert race course in the world as each lap is 100 miles long and winds its way through the unforgiving Southern Nevada desert.

The race was temporarily stopped to allow medical teams to treat 2 injured racers who were transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

Trick Truck driver, Justin Lofton, took the overall win.

The first Mint 400 race took place in 1976.  Trick Trucks in the unlimited class have over 1,000 horse power can go 140 miles an hour and cost up to $500,000

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Musical prodigy, Jackie Evancho to perform in Downtown Las Vegas

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DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS – In the highly acclaimed film, Amadeus, which is loosely based on the life and death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the main character Antonio Salieri sets eyes on Mozart’s sheet music for the first time and proclaims that “it was a music I had never heard,” that “it seemed to me that I was hearing the voice of God.”

The 1700′s were long ago and the world is now a different place but I can surely imagine that the feeling that encapsulated Mr. Salieri at that moment was what many feel when they first hear the haunting and beautiful voice of Jackie Evancho.  Talent like hers transcends all space and all time.

Our lives are but fleeting compared to the depth of time yet it is the greats that are immortalized and deservedly so via their exemplary, other worldly crafts.  It is a tragedy that most never witness first hand the performances of these destined immortals since they arrive so far and few in between.  Yet, the people of the Las Vegas find themselves with a most fortunate opportunity to avoid this tragedy.  With a window to experience a true prodigy of the era.

Jackie Evancho, the 14 year old soprano singer from Pittsburgh who got her break on “America’s Got Talent” brings her talents to Downtown Las Vegas and will grace a lucky few with a special performance at The Smith Center on January 31st, 2015 at 7:30pm.  Don’t take for granted the chance be in the presence of a voice that moves souls.  A chance to see a true prodigio.

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Grapes & Hops Festival at Springs Preserve October 4th, 2014

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Downtown Las Vegas Dining

It is that time of the year again when the Springs Preserve hosts their annual Grapes & Hops Festival where you can sample fine wines and beers from all over the world in the gorgeous and relaxing Springs Preserve setting amongst the desert flora and the Downtown Las Vegas backdrop.

The annual event boasts live music and free food food samples from local establishments.  For the 2014 lineup you can expect to sample delicious treats from popular and fine eateries such as Mon Ami Gabi, M Street Kitchen and Strip Burger among others.

The Springs Preserve throws in a nice wrinkle to the event in that it offers Designated Driver Tickets at a discounted rate where the participant will have access to all the food samples but the alcohol will be off limits.

As per usual, the good people at the Springs Preserve are using proceeds of the event to benefit a non-profit.  This year’s festival will benefit Par for the Cure, which is dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research.

For ticket information visit the Springs Preserve website.


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October Surprise: Vegas Has a Music Festival

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Kanye West’s highly anticipated album Yeezus has officially arrived ...

( – 09/16/2014)

What’s this Life is Beautiful festival we’ve heard about?
Life is Beautiful, which sprawls around downtown Las Vegas Oct. 24-26, is a relatively new player on the festival scene; this will just be its second year. But, in keeping not only with the general spirit of Las Vegas—where spectacle is king—but also with the upswing of activity in downtown Vegas, LiB has serious ambitions. There will be 70-plus musical acts, top-lined by…  (Full Story Here)


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Three cheers for beer in Vegas!

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The third annual Downtown Brew Festival feels more like a block party under the stars at the Clark County Amphitheater.

Photo courtesy Motley Brews

( – 09/12/2014)

It’s a good month to be a beer lover in Las Vegas. September gets three weekends of big beer festivals, each with its own personality. So whether your beer drinking style is that of an aficionado, block party enthusiast or an international partier, there’s somewhere for you to raise your pint.

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