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5 awesome Downtown Las Vegas Bars, Clubs and Lounges

The downtown Las Vegas bar and nightlife scene provide an array of fun options depending on your mood.

The Downtown Las Vegas Bar and Nightlife scene has never been better.  From laid back martini lounges to vibrant night clubs you can find it in Downtown Las Vegas.

Insert Coins:    If you are wondering about bar’s peculiar name well the name itself should provide you a good clue.  Insert Coins offers its patrons the ability to play video games while they drink, socialize and dance the night away. 

Downtown Cocktail Room:  Not interested in video games?  Then perhaps you’ll want to try the Downtown Cocktail Room which provides a sophisticated and laid back experience.   The mood is chill and the music is ambient, smooth, cool and hip.  The Cocktail Room has been known to rock a DJ but don’t expect to find glow sticks here…think more Royksopp.

Commonwealth:  is one  bar and lounge whose theme and drinks are inspired by the Pre-Prohibition era.  The patio located in the top floor provides a gorgeous place to meet and mingle.

The Beauty Bar:  The Beauty Bar in Downtown Las Vegas is one of the O.G.’s in the downtown Vegas bar scene.  They host an unbelievable “Nickel Beer Night” and they also host bad-ass musical performances in their kick-ass back patio – that feels like you’re in an old school house party ala “Dazed and Confused”.

Artifice Bar:  Artifice located in the Arts District features two lounge rooms and a performance area.    The bar hosts various performances including patron interactive contests.  For drink you will find select wines and signature theme appropriate drinks such as the “Taming of the Shrew” and “The Warhol”.  There is no video for this bar so instead a feel good song:

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